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Buying and selling of systems, medical and electromedical equipment, disposable materials for operating theatres, surgical equipment and sterilization products, drugs and anaesthetics

BEAR MEDICALE: best brands of medical disposal and drug infusion
In the medical and welfare staff immediately BEAR MEDICALE brings to mind a quality service, expertise and professionalism unparalleled. BEAR MEDICALE has become a brenchmark for trade and sale of medical equipement and material, with a staff with over twenty years experience behind them in the public sector and private. The repertoire of medical devices offered is very broad and brands are among the best: from sterilization’s line GKE to security products Becton Dickinson. A further strength of BEAR MEDICALE is the marketing of nutritional infusion mainly used in dialysis treatement, transfusions and nutrition, of which the company offers a different and very affordable line. But the quality is not just about products: the service of BEAR MEDICALE, in fact, is renowned for its efficiency and speed of delivery and the company is distinguished by a willingness to continually seek ways to improve the operator’s work and the quality of patient’s life.